Green Shield Partners must provide four of the six services below to be eligible for certification. Learn more about becoming a Green Shield Partner today.


Used Oil RecyclingUsed Oil Recycling

Used motor oil is an environmental contaminant if not handled properly, with 400 million gallons unaccounted for per year. As a Green Shield Partner, used oil is either recycled into an oil product or lubricant, or is used as an energy source, replacing diesel. By recycling or repurposing used motor oil, we protect the environment from improper disposal and contamination and decrease the need to drill for new oil.


Used Oil Filter RecyclingUsed Oil Filter Recycling

Oil filters that are improperly disposed of in landfills can leach into our waterways and pollute our air. Though there are methods to properly dispose these filters into landfills, Green Shield Partners don’t add filters to landfills, but rather take the step to turn used oil filters into steel and recycle all remnant oil. The foundation of homes throughout your community could be built with rebar from recycled used oil filters.


Collect Spent AntifreezeCollect Spent Antifreeze

Antifreeze and the valuable natural resource, Ethylene Glycol, found in it are considered environmental hazards and need to be properly disposed. Green Shield Partners choose to not only properly dispose of used antifreeze, but we choose to recycle and remanufacture it. By reclaiming the Ethylene Glycol from used antifreeze, it can be reused and turn into a remanufactured antifreeze.


Use Remanufactured AntifreezeUse Remanufactured Antifreeze

Remanufactured antifreeze is a great alternative to using new, or virgin, antifreeze in automobiles. It meets the stringent ASTM specification for virgin automotive fluids for vehicles and is just as effective as the ethylene glycol in virgin products. Green Shield Partners use remanufactured antifreeze, which avoids the costs and environmental hazards associated with drilling for new oil, shipping oil across the oceans and refining the product.


Solvent RecyclingSolvent Recycling

Parts washers are an important tool in most shops and clean solvent helps technicians maintain productivity and safety. Green Shield Partners choose to recycle the solvent from parts washers and turn them into energy or into a reusable solvent. That recycled solvent is then used again to clean dirty vehicle parts. Green Shield Partners can also use soap and water instead of solvent in parts washers, as long as they use a heating element to maintain environmental sustainability.


Residual Oil ReclamationResidual Oil Reclamation

Oily water is part of the automotive service industry. Water with oil washed from the parking lots of Green Shield Partners’ service shops has oil removed before the water enters into the sewer system, creating a cleaner environment. Green Shield Partners use and service oily water catch basins regularly and reclaim as much of the oil from the water for recycling.


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