Executive Letter

Thank you for your interest in Green Shield Partners. In 2011, Green Shield Partners was created because of the growing environmental trends in our communities and realizing the need to apply those trends to the automotive service industry.

The green movement is growing in the automotive industry, but not as fast as it’s growing in mainstream sectors. Our goal is to speed up the movement and start making a significant impact in our industry. The automotive services sector creates a lot of environmental hazards on a daily basis, from oil contaminants to antifreeze, but those hazards can be greatly reduced by properly recycling and reusing these valuable natural resources. One of our goals as Green Shield Partners is to solve the contaminant and hazard issues within the automotive industry and encourage safer and more eco-friendly methods.

How do we plan to spread recycling services throughout the automotive industry? Through service businesses and their customers. Every business, no matter how large or small, that becomes a Green Shield Partner will impact and educate their community, customers and competition. We plan to grow through one business at a time until recycling and protecting the environment is a norm within our industry.

As a service company, you can learn how to become a Green Shield Partner member and join our plight. And as an automobile driver and customer of service companies, ask if your quick lube is Green Shield Partner certified and support your local businesses that are dedicated to protecting the environment.

Thank you for taking the first step in our mission by educating yourself on what it means to be a Green Shield Partner.


Greg Guard
Executive Director of Green Shield Partners

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